Thursday, July 25, 2013

whats in my shopping cart : tech week

so on monday i stopped over to our super stop and shop because i was in desperate need of some items. let me say that since monday i have been exsausted and now sick :( so this trip has been both well thought out and purchases well made. i have already used all of these items (not all up) but have made a dent in all of them.
in the cart :

two giant smart waters ; okay so im practically addicted to water, i guzzle these down in about three minutes or under. its insane but it is really good for you, especially 
throat coat ; this type of tea is a medicinal tea. i particularly do not like the taste, but it is really good for your throat, especially when you lost your voice, like me, and need some soothing!
 pomegranate & raspberry tea ; aghhh. can we say my new favorite tea. i love to put in two tea bags in a big tea cup and put a teaspoon of honey into the cup. its the perfect recipe for deliciousness
honey ; well after mentioning these two above, you can see why honey was a must have in the cart. i really do like sweeter tea so the honey is the perfect sweetness and texture for my liking
aqua net ; possibly the best hairspray for shows. it is cheap, and it keeps a good and firm hold. i just wish there were curlers that could do that too! 
bobby pins ; i think four or five packs will be good enough for the rest of the week until closing night. 


  1. That's such a great idea for a post! Amazing work! I was wondering if I could get your badge?
    And also could we follow each other:-

  2. Water is always in my cart! lol
    I am now following you!!
    Look forward to keeping up!!



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