Tuesday, July 23, 2013

oh the thinks you can think

oh my god oh my god you guys, whoops wrong show! haha its the end of tuesday night and everything is so crazy!! the show is being altered, some costumes need tons of patches, the set is just about done and well yeah we have two more days of rehersal before the show, this is scary. pinch me, pinch me.                                                           okayy so as we can see the picture to the right, my hair is looking oh so fabuloso. tomorrow i am going to post a tutorial on the makeup and the hair for the bird girl look. i am obsessed with my pink and red feathered hair piece! i almost walked home with it, but alas i had to put it back in the costume room. to the left of me in the picture is one of my castmates who is a whickersham brotha!                   honestly this show is really coming along and now everything is becoming real and emotional. i have less than a week with these amazing people. i am so blessed to work with each an everone of them! i love them so much and appreciate all their efforts and company. xx 

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