Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the power of meditation

for most college students it is a totally stressful week. trust me i feel the stress all the way down to my spine. welcome to midterms aka cram week aka hectic week aka stress nation. personally i have so much to do, i have two papers, a huge art assignment, quizzes and and exam on friday. but no reason in complaining about it, its happening so its time to move forward and try to relax. the best way i find to relax is through blogging, through art, and through meditation. meditation is: the action or practice of meditating: "a life of meditation". 

in eighth grade, my homeroom teacher told us that we should meditate once every two days, if we didn't have time we should do it once every week. so every friday we would take 20 minutes out of class and just sit and meditate. she would have meditation music playing and we would put our heads down on the desk and just breathe. i wish i could say that today in the current time i carried out the tradition of meditation, but i would be lying if i said i did. just recently though, i have started it up again, taking myself to a peaceful place, away from the work and the stress. meditation is a great relaxer for the mind and the soul.
if you would like to read more on meditation, click this link.

 here are a few of the songs that i listen to when i meditate:
another great way to meditate is on a rainy night, open up your window and allow the fresh air to come in. listen to the droplets falling from the sky. this is very peaceful and relaxing. another idea is to listen to a sound machine. this is very calming and soothing.

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