Monday, February 27, 2012

a brunette's nightly routine

Alas, it is night again, wait did I just say alas?? Aghh these finals are really getting to me and so is our T3 play. Anyways it is night time, again, what a shocker... and every night i have a basic routine that i follow and keep up with!! Below I will post photo's and the links of the products mentioned. **remeber, this is just what I do, every night, not what you have to do.**

So basically almost every night I take a shower, and below is what I normally use, or what I have been using lately! 1. I tend to switch my shampoos every other night I really like Herbal Essence shampoo in  the long lasting formula and the curly hair formula! I also shave every other night and I love the razor I use, it has soap on it so it acts as a shaving cream!! love it. The next thing I like to do is exfoliate, I love using Lush Cosmetic's products for this, lately I have been obsessed with rub, rub, rub and my all-time favorite ocean salt. Last, but not least, I wash off my body with body wash, this week I am using Carried Away by Bath & Body Works.

After i dry off from my shower, I allow my hair to air out for about ten minutes, then I spritz in some of it's a 10 hair and brush it out with my conair brush. After this I put lotion all over my legs (if i shaved them) to keep them smooth, currently I am in love with cucumber melon from Bath & Body Works. Next I moisturize my face with benefit's total moisture and I am in love with this product, its scent, and its texture.Following that I apply my Mentha lipbalm all over my lips, so that when I wake up the next morning my lips are smooth. Lastly I brush my teeth and apply my crest whitestrip!!

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