Friday, March 29, 2013

Put Some Spring In Your Step

As of March 20th, Spring was to begin! The start of warm sunshine, crisp breezes, and plenty of pastels. However, I do not think Mother Nature got the memo....

With snow, rain, sun, and clouds it seems as if we have had a bit of all four seasons packed into one week! But as of the 20th, I made it my mission to put some "Spring" in my step and some color to brighten up my day. Even if nature didn't know it was Spring, why should we have to wait?

I pulled out my white pants, teal pastel button up, navy cable-knit sweater, coral statement necklace, and a pair of pointed navy ballet flats.

Maybe my positive "bring on Spring" energy worked,
 for today was a lovely sunny day!

Always, Miss C

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