Friday, March 15, 2013

Put Your Best Self Forward

On Friday mornings when my alarm goes off at 7:30am, I sometimes wished I owned a pair of sweatpants and a oversized hoodie. Dressing up sounds too hard and that extra 30 minutes of sleep would be just what I needed!

But then I remember my daily mantra...

"If you look good, you feel good.
And if you feel good, you'll do good."

I see too often my peers rolling up to class in last night's makeup or the sweats they slept in.
That my darling, is not acceptable!

Dressing well is not a matter of money or based on your knowledge of fashion. Dressing well is a matter of maturity. It is putting your best self forward in a presentable and becoming way for others to see and respect. 

That is why this week I put together a simple outfit for those sleepy Friday mornings!

Always, Miss C

This black striped knit shirt is comfortable and classic! (cheap too! Forever21, $7) Complimenting it with a mint jeweled necklace gives this simple pairing a pop of color. The tailored pant adds structure. And to pull it all together, slide on some black flats and start your day!

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