Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Monday Musts

must taste
lately i have been loving branching out in the food & beverages section. when i stumbled upon these two on pintrest i knew that i had to try them asap!! on the left we have a Lavender Lemonade recipe and on the right we have a Healthy Hawaiian Blizzard. I can not wait for spring to pop up and to start having some fun with fashion and with flavors. 

must diy
easter is rapidly approaching and so is spring, so why not crack open a new shell and try something more on the untraditional side of things. on the right hand side we have our classic mason jars (ps they are my favorite things ever!!!) just taken and painted to five an awesome effect that is both beautiful and personal!! on the right there is a more easter(y) craft, when i was younger i used to be obsessed with painting my easter eggs and leaving them out for the bunny. now 15+ years later i am obsessed with new ways to create things, such as more modern easter eggs

must buy
when i first saw these two, it was like love at fist sight!! this dress from modcloth is perfect for spring time, it is lightweight, a beautiful cut, and has a spash of some fabulous colors. the necklace to the right is the cheery on top! this mint bubble necklace adds prep and ellegange to this recipe! 

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