Tuesday, April 3, 2012

beachy waves

being brunette and having longer thicker hair, i think that my hair styles have to (1) go with the outfit and (2) look nice (3) be unique. i love adding in clips and headbands and elastics as much as any other girl would, but besides the beautiful trending braids, beachy waves are a must this spring and summer! one way that helps me to achieve my perfect look i rely on a few tips and tricks, so sit back, grab those elastics and spray! xx

what i personally do is the night before i fishtale braid my hair and tie it with an elastic. (now the braid does not have to look perfect, but the neater it looks the nicer the waves are) personally, i love using this spray by bumble and bumble to help make this look perfect. personally i do not like the smell of this spray but it works amazingly well! here are some of my favorite celeb looks who rock the beachy wave look!

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