Saturday, April 28, 2012

rowan rose : a baby shower

today i went to my cousin, laura's baby shower, and it was adorable! the decorations were beautiful, yet elegant;  simple yet touching they were all made by laura's sister and my other cousin dayna. she was proud to annouce that it's a girl! her name is going to be rowan rose, little baby ro ro! how cute! I can not wait for the baptism to meet her! until then good luck laura, i send you all my love! xx

 rowan's diaper wreath
 pink eyelit chinese lanterns
 the little diaper cake
 such a cute idea dayna! the little baby outfits with the shoes! so cahute
 my favorite decorations by far were the eggs! great job dayna!
 baby shoes on the staircase
 little baby ballett flats with pink bows 
 its the little things that make the big picture
 vanilla frosted cake bites, mini tiramisu, sugar cookies with icing *not shown* rasberry macaroons
 the food 
 my favorite egg! 
 so beautiful and simplistic! great party idea
 this egg says it all
comming into the perfect nest
 love the flower arrangements!
such a cute idea! little baby socks on the fireplace!
 ali and lindsey
 lindsey, jenna, ali & kara
 lindsey & lindsay
college bound! good luck kara xx

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