Thursday, August 23, 2012

back to school hairstyles

every girl might be dreading going back to hit the books, but personally blondie and i are craving the college feel, from dorms to books to fashion. in our old school we had our outfits picked out everyday and most days they matched, yeah, we wore uniforms so now we are entering a world of freedom (but to the max). one thing we did have control over last year was the way we styled our hair. now i am not going to be the first to say i had perfect hair everyday because i didn't 2to3/5th of the week i pulled out my messy bun (but classed it up with a headband) but i did enjoy the occasional curls, fishtail braid, and half up half down look. here are some of our favorite celebs rocking some fabulous back to school easy hairstyles. linked below are some of our favorite youtube guru's tutorials for some of these hairstyles but with their own twist to it. xx 

1. beautybaby44 : loose curls
2. sarahbelle93x : mermaid curls
3. meghanrosette : beachy waves
4. meganheartsmakeup : messy bun
5. AllThatGlitters21 : unique braid
6. macbarbie07: messy braid bun
7. luxyhair : fishtail braid
8. AndreasChoice : voluminous curls
9. TheStylesMeow : top knot & ballerina bun

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