Monday, July 2, 2012

brunette's dream summer vacations

have you ever just had a lazy week during the summer? well trust me i can tell you i have had many of them in my past summers... and i always watch movies, listen to music, go on the computer & etc. but what i love to do more than anything else is plan out perfect summer vacations. places where i could see me and my friends going, or just going by myself, or even with the fam!!

Santa Monica, CA
this destination is a classic in my book. i have been going here for many years and it is the perfect pot to spot celebs, go tanning and for bike rides all over! perhaps i will going sometime soon!

dream of a lifetime is located right here. i have always wanted to go to hawaii ever since i was a little girl. i plan on going there sometime next year, but i am not quite sure when exactly... hmmmm 

Monte Carlo
the trip of a lifetime would have to be to visit monte carlo. i love everything about this city, it is beautiful it is breathtaking and is everything i have ever dreamed about!

Bora Bora
if i ever wanted to escape my life. peek into a new chapter, a chapter of peace and serenity, i would book myself a ticket strait to bora bora. so let me get out my suitcase, tanning oil and suit and go go go!

the city of romance, the city of love. located right here luckie duckie blondie has been there, but they wont know what hit them until brunette struts the streets!

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