Thursday, July 12, 2012

weekend in california

while everyone was lighting sparklers and playing in the pool for the fourth of july, little miss brunette was carted off to JFK to fly to Los Angeles to spend the weekend with her cousins, and her mom and sister. during the trip we hung out at venice beach and had a super fun time.we also journeyed over to malibu to the getty gardens and to the malibu beach (and omg was it amazing there, it was like a scene from the little mermaid). there were surfers, and sea urchains, and pelicans, and oh lets not forget the huge starfish that were bombarding the beach. i hadso mcuh fun, and i can not wait to venture back!

even walking along the sidewalk at the venice beach was even an adventure! there were many street vendors, preformers, skateborders, and yes even celebrities! being in this different enviornment was a learning experiance, and it made me think about life on the other side of the turf turns out i love california so much that i might even move there when i am older, but perhaps to a different area! ss

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