Sunday, October 20, 2013

19 wishes!

if you dont know already, today is (or was) my nineteenth birthday! it was such a different birthday, it was my first grown up birthday. by this i mean i didnt see my parents. wow, yes im a baby. it was totally different and didnt feel like it until about five minutes ago. 
last night i had a ton of fun at our fondue fest sleep over!! and today i had so much fun at my surprise brunch. i really appreciate everything everyone did for me to make my day that much more special!
so from this birthday forward i will be posting/writing them down my birthday wishes. this might sound weird, but they are my resolutions for the year and for myself in a sense! today i realized that not everything is perfect or goes according to plan, life has its ups and downs, but no matter what you should live your life to the fullest and be greatful for everything you have. i hope you are all inspired by this and tell me what your wishes are for yourself and the world.

one : 
live life for myself. dont hold up to soneone else's standards.
two : 
try to pray almost everyday.
three :
don't be afraid to just have a me day. get pampered, go shopping, have fun!
four :
focus on whats important.
five : 
call my relatives once in a while.
six : 
write letters to people instead of always texting them, do it at least once a month. 
seven : 
take risks and take a chance on life, everything happens for a reason.
eight :
be responsible.
nine :
try to go to church on sundays
ten : 
try your hardest at everything you do.
eleven : 
look at the positive things instead of the negatives. 
twelve :
do some community service.
thirteen : 
save money for one specific thing, maybe some nice shoes or a bag ;)
fourteen :
try out for new clubs or audition for a show or even crew. 
fifteen : 
go to see the ballet when you are in a low place.
sixteen :
make someone else proud.
seventeen :
 do laundry every thursday, but do it tomorrow because you need to lol.
eighteen :
explore what the world has to offer.
never take anything for granted. 

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