Monday, October 7, 2013

fall scheduling.

the october inlsee calendar photo
it is that time of year again where you take out those fall scented candles, cuddle up with warm blankets and apple cider to watch hocus pocus (or re-runs of gossip girl), and be decked out in a cozy knit sweater and high top riding boots.
it is also time to knuckle down with the books and snap back into reality. since last week i have been booked with work, with sorority stuff and with a bunch of other things. i have been dealing with tons of drama and tons of time consuming activities. it has been so hard for me to keep up with blogging and with my youtube. this totally sucks because i miss it so much and i have so many ideas to post and to film, but its hard to fit everything all on one page. 
since the fall semester is going to be jam packed and super busy, i will have to lay low on the social media. i will only be posting three times a week (maybe even more) and maybe once on the weekend. i am sorry about this, but right now i have to get every situated then i will be back for good.
i cant wait to be back and to post every week! thanks everyone for the support and stay tuned for some fabulous updates and posts! xx 

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