Wednesday, October 2, 2013

homecoming '13

happy fall everyone!! i am so beyond excited that it is finally the fall season and that it is time to break out the leggins, boots, scarves and dark nail polish's! with fall comes a ton of stuff : apple picking,  pumpkin bread, scarves, tea, apple cider, boots and of corse football! 
this past weekend was my school's homecoming (hoco) and it was such a fun event. there was a tailgate (which i never made it too because im always late) in the morning and following that there was well the hoco football game. now our team here is not world renown, oh no, but they are a pretty good team! it was so much fun to stand in the bleachers cheering and watching everyone around me support our school! here is a peek to what i wore and what happened that day! xx 

the game (we won!!!!)

the best group of girls, my kappa ladies

my big and my chrissy and myself (with my sratty cooler)

my perfect family (minus my perfect little) 

my twin. okay soo we are both soo different, but thats what keeps our bond. we love each other soo much and would take a bullet for each other. love you anjj.

becca and liz at the table selling our fabulous kappa gear. 
btw shout out to liz for making these fabulous t-shirts. everyone loved them <3

psst. these are what the shirts look like. a big lilly bow with "the tie that binds us" with our sorority's name on the back. can we say in love? 

my grandbig, big and me
my cooler jug that i made with my monogram on it 

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