Monday, October 28, 2013

halloween tutorials : the little mermaid

happy (almost) halloween to all my witches and ghouls. for the remainder of this week it will be halloween diy tutorials gallor! also feel free to check out my youtube channel, where there will be some diy video's you can follow along to! xx 
(btw this is my actual halloween costume this year lol)

so i made about half of my costume, yes made it!! haha i was determined to make a tutu since my friend mary kate has talked about it, so i did it!! it took a lil bit of time and patience, but it all worked out. 
below are the supplies that you will need for making your puuurfect tutu.

your gonna need :

- tulle - 
i got mine from an etsy shop, and did have to get some more, just because i wanted it to have volume.
- grosgrain ribbon - 
again got this off of etsy for me and my friend, so i got a ton of extra. i got it in mint green though.
- stretch elastic - 
again another etsy purchase. what a shocker haha, i got to much of this, but its in the mint color again.
- sewing kit - 
this is my new best friend, i got mine from joannes, but all you need is a needle and thread and scissors.

i dont actually have any picutres of me making this, but i do have videos of it, which i could post, just let me know. but click here on how to make a tutu. it really helped me and came out amazing! 

my hair was one of my main focus' for this costume, i really wanted to do her signature hair, but i was not gonna die my hair red and not gonna pend a bagillion dolars on a wig lol! so i went for a grecian/realistic mermaid kind of look. i found this tutorial on pintrest, so feel free to check it out! 
but here is how i did it

your gonna need : 

- a hairbrush -
mine is just my simple conair hairbrush, which you can get from a drugstore or anywhere lol
- hairspriay -
you can literally use any hairspray that has a firm stick to it, i just love the tresemme hairspray ;)
- curling wand -
i used my conair curling wand because i love it so so so much, but you can use any curing wand for it
- bobby pins-
you absolutely need these to hold your hair together and up
- starfish hair clip -
this is just an extra thing that completed this look and made it more mermaidian haha 

sooo i just used my hair from today which was half curly half messy. it was a lazy day especially because i woke up about fifteen minutes before class haha. so here is how i did my hair : 

( 1 ) so i took two pieces of my hair, one on the left and one on the right and i braided those just a normal braid and let them drop so i could do my next part.
( 2 ) then i sectioned off hair from the front crown of my head and sectioned those into four parts and tease each section.
( 3 ) i used my regular hairbrush for it, but i would highly recommend using a teasing comb, only if you have one to use. you can get one at your local drug store! 

( 4 ) after getting this puffy disaster all together, i took my brush and then i gently smoothed out my hair 
( 5 ) then take the two braids and pull them tightly back so the crown of your hair has volume to it, like a snooki poof, but not all that snooki haha
( 6 ) then i took those two and bobby pinned those tightly to my head so that i could ensure that they would not drop or fall. 

( 7 ) so as i said, my hair was about half curled so i took my infinity curling wand and curled my hair, like i do almost everyday
( 8 ) after finishing that i took my starfish hair clip, that i made with a dried up starfish, a barette and some hot glue and covered my bobby pins with that to give it more of a mermaid vibe.

so this was the finished look, i did very basic and neutral makeup, but you could totally mermaid glam it up, but i wanted to stick with a more neutral vibe! i hope you enjoy this post and i cant wait to make a few more before all the ghouls and the goblins come out, or before you go out to a halloween party!! xx 

check out the fabulous alanna's tutorials where i got this idea to post this from xx 

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