Wednesday, October 16, 2013

what does the fox say?

so lately it has come to my attention that foxes can speak. well not actually, but over the weekend my family came up and my sister asked me "lindsey, what does the fox say" and i was like whhhaaatt are you talking about. then she went ahead and showed me the video for the song : what does the fox say. this video or rather the lyrics to the video is insane. at first i hated it, like rebecca black's friday, but then 
after the third or fourth time we both were laughing so hard that we couldnt stop. 

this weekend i was lucky enough to have spent it with my parents in georgetown, check out our adventures here. but anywho, my dad, who also watched the video and became so obsessed with it that everytime he saw a fox picture or painting he would take a picture and send it to the family group chat. 

this is just some of the pictures he sent to us. 

*getting to the point*
so with this song i have noticed that foxes are in fashion and were in fashion as well last year! at first i wasnt sure if i liked it, but after looking through tons of fox prints i started to like them ... and might have put some things in my cart and absolutely can not wait to sport them this fall! 

here are some of the finds that i have found that i have fallen in love with! 
{especially the wrap bracelet and the wildfox couture shirt}

so what do you say, 
pass or purchase? 

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