Tuesday, March 20, 2012

can't you tell i'm blushing?

hello chicas!! sorry about being mia for ohsolong but we have been away and on vacation, and have been too busy, but we are back and ready to post. so most of our readers know that in our school being a senior third trimester is a huge deal!  it means we get to wear 'civillian' clothing, not our drabby old washed out uniforms. actual clothes, like what you see people wearing on a day to day basis. sorry got a little carried away, but during vacation i stopped at a few stores and picked up some amazing deals and im blushing to share! blush is not something you can just wear on your cheeks, but also on a blouse, tee, pants, skirt and even a dress! check out some of our new blush favs down below! xx

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