Friday, March 2, 2012

The delicate scent

One of the best compliments someone can give me is "you smell great"... Yes, this may sound a bit odd, but the ability to define yourself through a scent is a wonderful thing. I have experimented with many perfumes, and have found scents that are great on me and others that are horrendous. It is important to remember when choosing the perfect scent for you that everybody is different, and certain perfumes smell completely differently on every person. Also, some perfumes last longer than others, so I would definitely recommend testing the scent before splurging on the perfume. Here are my favorite perfumes!

Couture-Juicy Couture has a sweet scent, but it is not overwhelming at all. A few sprits of this beauty and you will be feeling brand new. 
Daisy-Marc Jacobs: Has a strong and powerful scent, which is both fresh and rejuvenating. 
Lola-Marc Jacobs: A sister fragrance to Daisy. Lola has quite a character to it, and is a mixture between a fresh and fruity smell. Although the scent is fabulous, my favorite part about the product is the bottle. The bottles shape embodies a woman's figure, and the floral top of the bottle resembles a sun hat. (Pretty cool bottle don't you think?) 

Beautiful-Estee Lauder: My favorite scent  currently. Beautiful has a fresh, yet powerful smell that is unique from any other perfume I have smelled before.

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