Saturday, March 3, 2012

loving lilly

okay so i know that one of the blonde's favorite stores is lilly pulitzer, and well I think she got me hooked on to it to!! My mom just received there spring lookbook (you can sign up for it: there are gorgeous photographs and patterns in it), and inside were the most beautiful dresses ever! I also really liked some of the other new patterns and pieces but I bookmarked some of the thing I would love to own!! Here are some of the outfits I loved and what I would add to them to make it more 'brunettified'!

this is the new and just in blossom dress. this dress scream spring time to me, something I actually might invest in for easter or for my cousins wedding. im not a huge fan of the wedges (in the full-size picture), I see either a bright pink or a red heel to match the flowers. 
this jacey sweater sums up my favorite color. this color has been in my top 1 all year round, baby blue is beautiful and fits perfectly on this sweater. I love what lily did with this, adding a nice white tee with gorgeous pink pants and topping it all off with a fish necklace. fabulous. 

some of my other favorites:

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