Wednesday, March 7, 2012

instagramed it

My new favorite app!! Lately everyone has been on an iPhone app craze, and my top app of the week, and of the year goes to instagram! The pictures come out beautifully, and with all the different filters you are able to try different styles, almost like a picnik on the go! The app has been a huge trend that is going upward, many youtube guru's have one for stye usage, and many other people have them such as well myself! follow me on heyitslindseyy, my pictures describe me and, well now I look back at them all as my life lookbook! here are some of my photos! enjoy xx

my diy flower hair clip

the dress i made out of paper towels and tape

my new 'its a rock' ring

me in hershey park, and with my heart shaped glasses

my favorite book over my favorite shirt

my earring collection ~ finally organized

thank you my glam for this beautiul refreshing face mask

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