Thursday, June 6, 2013

essie favorites : june 2013

essie is my absolute all time favorite nail polish brand, i would pick essie over anything, even butter london, any day! last month i noticed myself reaching for the same colors, and thought i would share some with you and also the other colors that i will be wearing this month, summer goes into full heap. enjoy! xx 

essie shine of the times -
  i found this nail polish in cvs and it was a whim of a buy, i didnt start using it until this year, and when i coated it over my other vibrant colors i fell in love with the color and the texture thE luxe nail polish had on top of the others. 

essie ballett slippers - 
my current new all time favorite nail polish! it is so perfect for anytime, anywhere and anyday! this color is so classy chic and matches just about everything i own! i lalalove it!!

essie fiji - 
hello summer go to color. my friend kate introduced me to this color, sophmore year of high school (almost four years ago) and i knew with the perfect golden glow and some beachy waves you couldnt go wrong with this color! 

essie van d'go - 
the perfect salmon color for any kind of weather! i absolutely adore this shade and feel so cheeky when i have it on. paint two coats of these, put on some compfy clothes and aviators and well thats the way vie d'go.

essie cute as a button - 
call me neon. this color screams call me maybe, sorry carly rae... but this color is definitely a go to for me if i am looking for something with a little bit more of a pop! 

essie russian roulette - 
sails away, apply red lipstick and put on your favorite pinstrips and walllah, a perfect recipe for a vintage beach look. this color is a beautiful apple red and looks gorgeous on and in the bottle! 

essie butler please - 
this color is from this past winters essie collection and i can safely say that i am beyond, beyond beyond (the sea...LOL) obsessed with this color! if you want a perfect electric blue color look no further than your loyal butler.

essie turquoise and caicos - 
if you know essie, you better know this staple color! it is the perfect pop of color to put on both your hands and toes for the summertime, or even for a tropical vacation, perhaps to turks and caicos

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  1. Hey, just stopped over from BBN to check out your blog - I very much enjoy the way you did this nail polish post; I like the names written out like so and being able to get a genuine sense of the color. I like this style. :)


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