Monday, June 17, 2013

pearls and curls

i have decided that this summer i am taking the persona of 
sounds quircky ehh? well i dont think so! it actually who i am & it sounds more regal when it is written
my hair is naturally curly, but i love getting that perfect bounce of a curl. so here in this tutorial i will show you how i achieve my summer beach everyday curls!
materials needed: 
O1: a hair dryer 
(i got mine at target, yes i know, why cheetah lindsey... but it's the best hair dryer i have used!!)
O2: a curling iron 
(i use the conair infinity curling wand, it's my favorite hair tool & if i didnt have it idk what i would do)
O3: a hair brush
(mine is the wet brush, the best brush to use on wet hair, got this on amazon)
O4: a hair tie
(i just grab whatever is in the drawer)
lets get curlin:
step one : 
i tend to start off my day with a shower, makes me feel cleaner and gets all the bad oil out of my hair. after showering, shampooing and conditioning i let my hair sit out for about 10 minutes and then get to some of the heat tools. i blow dry my hair first, which tends to take about ten minutes to be completely dry. as you can see in the picture on the left, my hair is voluminous and straight. time to wand!

step two :
i set my curling want to the highest heat and leave it for about a minute until it is fully heated. then i go ahead and curl my hair : i section my hair in two sections, then divide those two sections into two more sections, one on the left on on the right, then pick up various peices of hair and curl away. i keep the hair on the curler for about 30 seconds and get a beautiful curl.
half head of curled hair versus full head of curled hair. 
(right side is finished product!) 

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