Tuesday, June 4, 2013

where life takes me

recently i have been contemplating many things that life has decided to hand to me. i have been so confused and very tense lately, and its time for me to find out who i am and let god, or whoever take me where i need to be. sometime i wonder what else is out there. 
my parents have been hounding me to get another summer job because they are so used to me working three jobs in the summer, but now i'm down to merely two. such a pity, eh? i dont think so, i am also in a show this summer, which i am so excited for (it also has to do with this post), the show is suessical. and at first i was not so into it, until the music was on repeat on my iphone. the show is about misfits in two different worlds who learn that they are not always alone in the universe, and that no matter how people treat you or discourage you, you have to move on confidently. like all musicals, and sometime in life at the end people accept you for who you are instead of trying to mold you or put thoughts in your mind.
this message of the show pertains to my life to a tee right now, and well ever since i was a little girl. i know that people make fun of me for who i am, i know i'm not perfect, and not everyones cup of english breakfast tea, i'm more of a passionfruit kinda gal. i know my parents do not approve of everything i do, but hey, whose does? 
i know that people laugh at my videos, but hey they still watch them ; i know that some people think i waste my time with my blog, but i dont think so, i have gone so far already, why stop ; i know that people judge me from my past, but why not look at everything and everyday as a new beginning
above all i know that through my youtube video's, and my blog, i have gained confidence, a kind of confidence nobody can discourage me from or try and take away from me. 
i might be wild, but i'm free : i might be different, but at least i'm not like everyone else : i might have ideas too big for the universe to handle, but i know i can handle them (eventually)
i know that god has wonderful plans for me, plans that i know none of and that i will go far in life, it is not just a feeling, its a destiny, a fate, ultimately it something i was born to do. 
my goals for the summer is to live everyday as it were my last. i'm going to be that girl who looks her best, because i want to. i'm going to be that girl who travels on a whim, who doesn't cancel plans, who looks for the good of things, the girl who lives in the light instead of the shadows, and finally the girl who can do anything she sets her mind to. 
“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”― Mahatma Gandhi
its time to go where life takes me 

imagine dragons
it's time

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