Monday, June 17, 2013

summer's last lazy week

lately i have been feeling as if i am getting off track with everything in my life. summer is crazy, and i just realized yesterday that my only time for real "vacation" is july 4th. that is beyond crazy! i know that i have to work, and i love it! swim coaching is so much fun, love my swimmers to death!! 
but honestly here is what my summer consists of:

swim team, lifeguarding, working in nyc during the day, suessical rehersals at night, blogging, youtubing, pintresting, garage sales, babysitting, organizing, moving, packing, regrouping, shows in july, lake george family week reunion, baithing suits, fireworks, beaches, lane lines, and jazz shoes.
if that isn't enough i am not sure what is! i know it seems as though i am complaing, but i am not. trust me on this one. this post is meerley for myself to realize what i have on my plate this summer and what portions i can divide out to benefit myself and others. along with work, and shows, i have a blog and youtube to keep up with, but above all i have emotions to keep in tact and to not forget or let go of.
this week is my last week before my crazy summer life starts. im so nervous, im not going to lie, im actually scared. and i can already feel how tired i am going to be, but bring it on! bring on the heat, bring on the sweat, the fashionable clothes, the money, the singing, the swimming and the blogging.

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