Tuesday, June 18, 2013

graduation part II : realization

after my sister came home from her moving up party tonight, we finally had a tv sister bonding moment. (that i will document and never forget.) we talked about her middle school experience, about her peers, this upcoming summer and of corse her future plans in high school! 
as she pulled out her yearbook to show me everything, all of the pages and her autographs, i started to wonder what happened to my eighth grade yearbook. i know going back on middle school memories is not something i will ever look forward to, but after looking up in my bookshelf i finally found it. 
five years ago i graduated from middle school. that so scary, i'm not sure wether to call myself young or old haha. but i did it, a day i will never forget. i crossed the stage in my new beautiful dress and shook the principle's hand for my eighth grade diploma. along with my diploma i got my yearbook (finally back to it) opening the pages of this ancient book was like opening an old photo album, one you weren't sure if your would tear out the pages or laugh. i smiled. i read all of my goodbyes from my friends in middle school and surprisingly i had a lot of goodbyes, tons of HAGS and many thank you's. 
after browsing through that i went back and looked at my eighth grade photo. oh my gosh, for starters :
  dear old lindsey, 
thank god you learned how to curl your hair & that you dont have a brace face anymore!
oh boy were these pictures crazy, even of everyone else, seeing them just made me think of their stereotypes. sadly, but truly everyone has a stereotype; some you make of your own, others you are put under. this was a thought that came up in my head as my sister and her friends graduated today. honestly i think that no matter what there will always be:
a theatre diva, a tough guy gang, some freaks, some geeks, hipsters, musicians, fake girls, spoiled brats, wanna-be's, artsy people, a guy who scared to show his other side, a shy girl, a model, a rich kid, a fashionista, and so many more. 

(me ready for my eighth grade graduation...#killme)
it is scary to see the repeat of the cycle, but its just the circle of high school life. 
**to those of you out there who do not know who you are in the world, or what your stereotype is. dont worry, you carve your own path, trust me when i say that you will get there soon, just do not be someone who you are not, be yourself.**  
congrats to all graduating classes of 2O13, but especially to the
BMS Class Of 2O13
& of corse to my 
beautiful sister jenna
. love you bitsa .

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