Tuesday, June 25, 2013

in the office

today was finally my first day at my summer internship. wooohooo. nyc is looking bigger and brighter every moment. the best part is im working on broadway. no, not the musical theatre aspect broadway 
(though i wish) im on the street. actually i am less than a block away from the freedom tower, which is pretty awesome. outside my window there is a church where i am told alexander hamilton is buried there! 
this morning after coaching i was so tired and about ready to not even go. im happy i did because it gave me tons of busy work to do! i also had some down time to go over my script for the show and go over my july calendar, and ohmygawsh is that scheduled packed to the brim. i have something every day. 
no joke. no break.
but as i said before sometimes its better to be busy then to be wide open all the time! i think my favorite part of today was picking out my outfit, getting lunch (i didnt have breakfast so i was starving), and most of all being able to walk outside and have the city right at my feet! 

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