Saturday, June 1, 2013

diy : hair ties

elastic hair ties are the new scrunchies, they are the new it product for your hair! it is so hard to find someone nowadays' who is not wearing one of these fabulous hair ties! i have been using these hair ties for almost a year now, and they are my favorite; besides not having damaging metal pieces, they can also be worn as a form of bracelets. i think my favorite part about them are that they are crease free and that they come in such a wide variety of colors! 
the only thing i dont like about these hair ties is that they run from about $3 to $20 a pack, which is absolutely ridiculous, especially because they are simply elastic! these are absolutely the easiest hair accessories to make, and the cutest (if you ask me!!) 
supplies needed :
a ruler
a pair of scissors
elastic ( i got mine from here! )
getting started: 
1. measure 8.5″ of elastic. it is up to you if you want to make it longer, you have to think what will fit in your hair and on your wrist.  i found that this length fits perfectly snug around my wrist. 
also make sure to cut the elastic at a slight angle to help it from fraying.
2. wrap the elastic around your fingers to form a loop, then pull it through to tie a knot. avoid pulling on the edges to since this will make the ends fray, leave some room for the 'tail'. tie the knot at the top and make sure you don’t tie the knot in the middle or your hair tie will be too small!

these are all the hair ties i made today, the color is off because of the lighting! they are so pretty to wear and so easy to make! i hope you enjoy them! 

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