Monday, June 24, 2013

gotta keep going.

ughhh. im so tired. so exhausted. so drained
i have no clue why, well yeah i kinda sorta do... i woke up this moning at 6:26 
(yes on the dot, right before my first alarm) 
and i was so exicted for work and woohooed out, i was going to go to starbucks, but my mom was like, no there is gonna be a line.... sooooo i didnt. i just went straight to the pool at around :55 and got there at 7ishh. i was so happy at practice, so energetic and enthusiastic. then in the middle of it i got a slump. i thought of everything i had to do, and it was too, like wayy too overwhelming
UGH even thinking about it makes me stressed. 
all i wanted to do today was sleep and just relax. but nope, when i got home my dad made a list of things for me to do during the day on my qoq (quote on quote) day off... so much of a day off. i was off to the dry cleaners, to the grocery store, to the post office, to the bank, to just about anywhere and everywhere. if you think of a place, trust me i was there today.
then as soon as i could tell it was five and i was headed home (finally) only to go straight back out to rehearsal. at home i packed a snack (some fresh raspberries and green grapes) and tons of water. then it was finally time for rehearsal! 
not gonna lie i have been waiting for this day for like a month... haha and it was as good as i thought it was going to be!! exept it was hotter, seemed longer and had more moving around then i expected. 
wait who am i kidding our choreographer is so intesnse it scares me, but i love her! but i mean we have another month and there is so much to do in so little time. just gotta keep the faith and gotta keep going.
tomorrow is a new day, and the start of my job in new york city. its going to be a long wild day. but i decided instead of looking at things and complaining, from now on i will just smile and remind myself that i am here. thank god i am alive and have a new opportunity everyday. if you think about it, everyday is like a new page in a book, every month is a chapter and every year is a story.
how do you want your story to be told? 

live your life to the fullest of its extent and be greatful for the adventures and opportunities we have. 

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